Whether you’re after tips and tricks to better manage your investments, inspirational stories or musings on wealth and the latest financial news, these podcasts have you covered.

My Millennial Money

Hosted by Glen James and property expert John Pidgeon, millennial money matters are discussed in a lighthearted way. It’s probably the only money podcast you will find in the comedy section. With a variety of topical guests on the show, it’s a great balance between practical money tips and banter. It’s like Hamish and Andy for your finances.

The Money Café

The Money Café is the result of what happens when two Aussie journalists sit down together for a chat about the week in finance. Colleagues and friends Alan Kohler and James Kirby bring their attention to near on the new and analysis of the week. Kirby plays interviewer as Kohler calls upon the news and interviews he’s conducted during the week to deliver insights on the local investment scene.

Your Wealth

NAB’s Gemma Dale hosts  this podcast which focuses on a new topic each week. While Dale’s main focus is on imvesting she also delivers som fruitful discussion on overseas’ markets, the way tech is changing when and how people invest and more.

Aussie Firebug

If you’re looking for an average Aussie’s take on how to gain financial independence to retire early (FIRE) than look no furthen than the Aussie Firebug. This podcast, run by an anonymous host, features interviews with people who have reached the whole grail and retired early.

The Property Couch

Hosted by Aussie property experts Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingley the property couch dives deep into the nitty-gritty of what you need to know to make informed decisions around property investment. If you want the lowdown on negative gearing or simply need to hear some advice on how to get started on the property ladder, this podcast is for you.

Money for the Rest of Us

This podcast is great for the DIY investor. If you’re managing your own investments, Stein’s thoughtful commentary will assist you in understanding how financial markets work. If you need a better understanding of the impacts of the market on portfolios, Stein’s plain-English advice is a must.