Travis Hinchy

Co-founder and Managing Director

Cannon Hill, QLD


Financial 3 Wealth
Cannon Hill QLD 4170,

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Travis specialises in showing you the steps to create wealth quickly and make more money, without working longer hours. However, Travis is not your ordinary wealth adviser: he doesn’t believe in working hard for little reward; and everything he teaches, he does himself - from share portfolios, to property development and growing his own successful businesses. He also believes that every decision you make should bring you a step closer to your ideal lifestyle (the vast majority of people don’t do this and never realise their dreams). Travis' key focus is to show you how you can use your money effectively to get a 6-figure income for life.

  Focus Areas
Retirement Planning Superannuation Wealth Management

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Bachelor Degree

Ba Bus and App Sc, Dip FP, Tax (Financial) Adviser.