26 May, 2015 - 11:50 AM GMT

Getting back on board after an injury

It’s not unusual in your daily commute to see people on crutches or with other obvious injuries also on their way to work. Or perhaps you work with people who are currently recovering from an accident.

It’s sure to cross your mind, “that could be me” and to think about how they are coping and the pressure they may be under to return to work.

Getting the right type of rehabilitation therapy can be a key part of the recovery process - it’s not just about the financial assistance from your insurance claim.

Rehabilitation specialists help people get back to work in a realistic time-frame, ideally in their pre-injury occupation, or assist in finding other work options suited to their training and experience. 

In the video below BT Insurance rehabilitation therapists Judith and Liz talk about how they help people recover and get back to work every day.

The rehabilitation team tailor recovery programs on a case-by-case basis and ensure customers are well enough to not only return to work but to get on with their lives. 


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