So, you want a high-end home but your budget is strictly low-tech? Never fear there are ways you can create a luxury feel without blowing all your cash in the process.

You need only look at the carefully presented homes on Airbnb and real estate websites to realise that a good-looking home is far more than its bricks and mortar. From a well-placed throw rug to perfectly plumped pillows, shiny appliances and hard wood floors, interior design plays an enormous role in the value we place on a home. Get it right and your house can go from zero to hero. Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market and want to see its price rise or you simply think it’s time for a spruce up, here’s our top tips to get the luxury look for less.

Get a mood board happening

Before you hit the stores and hand over your cold hard cash or slap your credit cards down, it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want your home to look. Spend some time going through interior design magazines to get a feel for the style that suits your taste. Then get your scissors out and start making yourself a mood board. Are there particular one-off pieces you want to replicate or that provide inspiration? Make sure to include them. Don’t forget it’s not just about your fixtures and furnishings. Consider your room as a whole – how will the paint and trimmings fit in with your luxe look?

Nothing says luxe like metallic hues

If you are hoping to deliver on a luxe feel, nothing quite beats metallic tones. While you might not have the moula to fork out for gold bathroom fittings, you can probably afford polished brass and get a similar feel. Consider using wallpaper as a statement piece. Printed wallpapers which use metallic foils can really up the ante in any room.

Look for a signature piece

You can really bring the level of luxury up in any room by spending on a signature piece. This could be anything from the stoneware of your island bench to a beautiful lamp shade or crystal glassware or a fabulous table setting. Your signature piece should add a showstopping element to your room.

Recreate designer looks with replica items

Today’s homewares stores offer a roaring trade in replica designer pieces and in many instances only an astute eye will know the difference. How can they produce these knock-offs so cheaply, the answer lies in the materials, replica pieces often forego costly materials and finishes for a cheaper alternative. Still, it pays to shop around, all replica furniture is not created equal!

Give vintage chic a try

Become a frequenter of your local op shop and garage sales. You never know when a bargain might turn up. Keep your eyes peeled for unique pieces. A good second-hand shop is usually choc-a-block with paraphernalia that can add character and style to any home.

Size matters

When it comes to furnishing your space it’s important to consider the size of your room and to adapt the size of your furniture to suit. If your living room is tiny there is no point in opting for a massive corner lounge. It will immediately dominate your space.

Use the power of three

Now this one is an old designer trick, but it is a good one for any home decorator to embrace. Grouping objects of the same type together in groups adds instant design appeal. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. Odd numbers are more ascetically appealing then even numbers, so try to stick to the rule of three.

Don’t forget to shop online

Gumtree, eBay, etsy, are all great places to search for bargains and Pinterest makes for a great kick off point when you are searching for inspiration for your home’s look and feel. Plus, don’t forget to check out deals sites for rugs and furnishings on sale and half the normal price.

And there you have it! 8 ways you can kick start your journey to a glamourous, stylish abode.