Your Best Interests
A financial plan for eliminating debt, changing your life and building 'real' long term wealth

Lisa's Journey


In these moments making the right choice can be the difference between living the dream and missed opportunity. Your Best Interests is dedicated to helping you make that right choice.

About the Show 

For many of us, managing our money is something that's in the, "too hard basket". You know you should do it. But you're not quite sure where to start. For some of us, it's difficult enough managing day-to-day without thinking about longer-term plans or retirement.

Your Best Interests is about financial advice and the difference it makes to the lives of everyday Australians. Sharing the real life stories of single Mum, Helen and her teenage daughter, Lauren and young widower, Lisa; Your Best Interests is a TV series that explores the real life challenges, concerns, hopes and dreams of these women as they come to terms with their circumstances and with the help of a professional financial adviser, make life changing plans for a future they couldn't have imagined.


Series Advisers

Michael Sloan

Co-Founder and Director of The Successful Investor

Michael Sloan is the Co-Founder and Director of The Successful Investor, a national property advisory firm.

Glen James

Managing Director at Fortify Financial Advice Network

Glen James is a licenced financial adviser and is the Managing Director of the Fortify Financial Advice Network. He is conservative and somewhat a contrarian in the way he delivers his practical financial advice. He talks nationally at various business events, is a regular contributor to national financial planning magazines, has spoken live to 12 million people on a popular money show in the USA, written lyrics for a pop song released by Sony music and has a particular interest in business succession, personal finance and estate planning.