Lea Schodel

CEO of Wellthy Pty Ltd

Lea Schodel is CEO of Wellthy Pty Ltd and the founder of The mindful wealth movement. Lea has 17 years' experience in financial advice, combined with qualifications in wellness coaching, money coaching, yoga teaching and writing, Lea is passionate about financial well-being and teaching others to manage money in a holistic, meaningful and creative way. She runs online programs, face to face workshops and wealth & well-being retreats and provides personalised financial advice and coaching support which incorporate personal finance, mindfulness, wellness coaching and personal development.

Lea is the 2017 AFA & TAL Female Excellence in Advice award winner and 2016 Money Management Young Achiever of the Year. 

Wellthy Pty Ltd
Wellthy is an Australian social enterprise that encourages the development of healthy financial beliefs, habits and behaviours through education and empowerment. We work with wellness studios, retreat providers, health practitioners, HR professionals, business and community organisations to promote a holistic approach to money as an essential element of overall well-being.