Steve Nielsen

Financial Planner, Ascent Wealth Management
Ascent Wealth Management, Steve Nielsen

Ascent Wealth Management is a financial planning practice based on Brisbane's southside. Our key value for our clients is our strategic planning expertise- we believe that getting the strategy right will account for a large part of achieving the lifestyle you choose later on.

Our ideal client wants to build wealth for a better life along the way and during retirement, is typically between 30 and 45 and is eager to start bridging the gap between now and retirement. Importantly we help them underwrite their future plans, helping to guard against any unexpected and unforseen detours or diversions.

Our mission is to guide our client's financial choices as they traverse the path through life towards retirement and beyond. We do this in 4 ways-
1. We spend a lot of time building an understanding of where our clients are now and where they want to go, and WHY this is important to them.
2. We then interpret current law and the environment to build strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.
3. We flawlessly implement these, taking a project management approach.
4. We develop a long term relationship, as we move with our clients towards their goals together, helping avoid "big mistakes" along the way. We also ensure that our strategies can be altered should the clients personal situation change along the way.

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