How to teach your kids the value of being charitable.

Teaching your children the value of giving is an important life skill. Helping other people in need teaches children about empathy while also allowing them to feel empowered. We should all strive to be charitable, as it reinforces values of kindness and generosity and certainly these are traits we want our children to develop.

Kids learn best by example. If you want your child to be charitable and empathetic, it’s best if you lead the way. Volunteering for community organisations, showing random acts of kindness, being sympathetic and empathetic. When children see the whole family modelling this type of behaviour it’s easier for them to emulate.

Teaching kids about giving can be rewarding for both parents and children.

The easiest way to teach children about charity and giving is to make it part of your routine. Join Nippers and the kids will get great water safety skills alongside a grounding in community spirit. Volunteer at your child’s school. Be active in the P&C. Help raise money for charities by enlisting the family in walkathons or readathons or fun runs. Encourage the whole household to participate and don’t forget to praise your kids when they show random acts of kindness or empathy towards others.

In a world where we are constantly connected by our mobile phones and social networks its incredibly important to teach children the value of real-world community so they realise they are part of a bigger picture. By making community-mindedness and charity part of the every day your children will become compassionate humans – and we all want that…

You don’t have to wait for your kids to be teens to introduce ideas of empathy and charity. Children as young as four can begin to understand empathy and realise that other people have feelings too. Introducing the concept of empathy at a young age also helps kids flourish as it gives them tools to deal with their emotions and become more resilient.

Of course, it pays to set a good example – if your children see you donating money or time to charity they will be more inclined to do so too. Encourage your child to share and explore the idea of a charity box where they can donate unwanted toys or clothes. Concrete examples of giving, such as these are great for smaller kids while tweens and teens should also be encouraged to give of their time too.