Welcome to Your Best Interests (YBI) magazine

Written by AFA members and experts, the YBI digital magazine showcases how setting financial goals is the key to ensuring financial wellbeing.

Wealth creation has become a buzzword in recent years as more and more Australians realise the path to a secure financial future relies on freedom of choice. Saving for retirement, planning a holiday, ensuring you have enough money to provide your children with their needs are the concerns of many Australians. However, the pathway to achieving these goals isn’t always clear… Our industry insiders deliver articles and tips, answer readers’ questions and offer real world stories on how to budget better, save for the future, understand investment basics and learn more about the key drivers to financial health.

Consume it at your leisure and drop us an email if you have any feedback or ideas for future issues. If you would like to submit an article please email: cec@pinstripemedia.com.au For advertising enquiries please email: natalie.kleibert@afa.asn.au Your Best Interests Magazine is published by Pinstripe Media for the Association of Financial Advisers.

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