Managing Money ... The Real Life Stories of Everyday Australians

Every day, the lives of everday Australians are changed for the better with the help of financial advice. Your Best Interests shares the stories of change and renewed hope as people take control of their financial future - making plans to enjoy their life today, with the comfort they are prepared for tomorrow. Most of us prefer not to talk about money even though it's in Your Best Interests.


Rob and Amy's story

Amy and Rob met at work. They fell in love and had two lovely children. They lived in a two-bedroom unit and had a big mortgage on another property also. Not big income earners, they were stretched. But when they finally decided to tie the knot, it was the wedding of their dreams and a honeymoon to remember that they wanted. When the two met with a financial adviser, their thinking was challenged as they reassessed their priorities to discover what mattered most now and into the future.

Helen's Story

When Helen divorced, it was her teenage daughter, Lauren that urged her to seek financial help. Alone, with a home that needed renovating, a daughter to support and desire to travel, Helen couldn’t imagine how she’d ever be able to live the life she wanted. Watch how with the help of a professional financial adviser, she managed to change that with realistic plans for a future she didn’t think possible.

Lisa's Story

Having been married just nine months, Lisa’s husband, Rowan suddenly died of a heart attack at the age of 33 turning her world upside down. Lisa realised that Rowan would have wanted her to pursue her dreams. With the help of a life coach and financial adviser, Lisa made the impossible possible, launching her online homeware store, "Follow" as well as planning for an independent financial future. Watch how Lisa overcame her grief to get her plans back on track.