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Association of Financial Advisers

The AFA has been the authentic voice of advice professionals since its beginning in 1946. Today, the AFA is a vibrant, innovative association whose members remain driven by a shared belief in the value of great advice for more Australians.

Glen James

Managing Director at Fortify Financial Advice Network

Glen James is a licenced financial adviser and is the Managing Director of the Fortify Financial Advice Network. He is conservative and somewhat a contrarian in the way he delivers his practical financial advice. He talks nationally at various business events, is a regular contributor to national financial planning magazines, has spoken live to 12 million people on a popular money show in the USA, written lyrics for a pop song released by Sony music and has a particular interest in business succession, personal finance and estate planning.

Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson & Thompson Financial Services

Phil Thompson is a young driven entrepreneur who constantly provides high quality financial solutions for his clients. Prior to working in Financial Services Phil was one of Australia's best performing acrobats which lead him to perform throughout Australia and the World.

Sam Robinson, Director of Pursue Wealth

Sam Robinson

Director of Pursue Wealth

With the right motivation and great financial advice, I believe anyone can achieve their dreams. As a Director of Pursue Wealth - an award winning financial planning practice, we are dedicated to helping our members balance a fun and fulfilling lifestyle.
We work with ambitious go-getters who have dreams to travel the world, buy property, start investing or be in a position to comfortably grow their family by providing clear and relevant plans to help them reach their potential faster.
We’re on a mission to help our members keep on top of their finances without needing to compromise their social and adventurous lifestyles.

Darren Johns

Financial Life Planner at Align Financial

Darren is a self-licensed Financial Adviser, the founder of Align Financial, a member of the 2016 Most Trusted Advisers group and winner of the 2016 AFA Adviser of the Year award; Australia’s most prestigious award for financial advisers. Having spent more than 30,000 hours in the financial planning profession, Darren’s advice combines left-brain logic with right-brain understanding. He applies his expertise to each client, allowing them to spend their time doing the things that are important to them.

Marc Bineham, Noall & Co

Marc Bineham

Managing Director, Noall & Co

In joining the Finance Industry nearly 30 years ago, was somewhat memorable as coincided with that of the 1987 Stock Market crash. Despite the timing, Marc directed his knowledge and energy towards helping his very busy clients have the best possible chance in reaching financial freedom.  Financial freedom rather than retirement as for many, they want to continue to work once older, not because they have to but because they want to. Marc lives in Sydney with his better half Anne-Maree and enjoys learning all that he does not know about life from his two daughters, traveling and all types of sport, particularly soccer (a Liverpool tragic), ballroom dancing, tennis and golf.

Jeff Thurecht, Director and Financial Adviser at Evalesco Financial Services

Jeff Thurecht

Director and Financial Adviser - Evalesco Financial Services

As a Director and Financial Adviser at Evalesco Financial Services, Jeff Thurecht is motivated by empowering his clients and the community to be healthy, wealthy and happy.  He is a passionate believer in the opportunity for financial advice to play a greater role in helping clients to understand what success means for them and then establish a path which maximises the probability of achieving those dreams.

Under Jeff's leadership the Evalesco business has been widely recognised for it's innovation and outstanding service to their clients.  Including being awarded 2013 Professional Investment Services Practice of the year and being a finalist in the IFA Excellence Practice Principal of the year for 2016. 

Jeff is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and a Director of the Association of Financial Advisers.  He is enjoying his 20th year in financial advice while looking forward to continuing to help more people to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Deborah Kent

Financial Adviser, Director & Owner Integra Financial Services Pty Ltd

Deborah has built a successful career in financial planning over the past 28 years. Since establishing Integra Financial Services in 1996, Deborah has been at the forefront of embracing change on an industry, personal and business level to build a successful, family friendly and sustainable business.  She has featured prominently in the industry and local community for many years with her involvement in Industry Associations. Deborah has recently been appointed to the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority.  

Bill Bracey

Bill Bracey

Principal & Senior Financial Planner

Bill’s vast experience provides him with the skills to understand and articulate clients' financial and lifestyle challenges with great clarity. 

AFA CEO, Philip Kewin

Philip Kewin

CEO, Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)

Philip is the CEO of the AFA, Australia’s oldest professional association representing the interests of financial advisers. Founded in 1946, the AFA passionately believes in the value of financial advice and the difference it makes to the lives of everyday Australians.